Thank You Gary!

My inspector, Gary, arrived promptly. He was very knowledgeable and professional. He answered my questions and made recommendations as we went through the inspection process. Gary also compiled a detailed report, complete with photos that document everything that we had discussed and observed on site. I would definitely recommend Gary to friends, family, and coworkers.

Cindy A.

Black Dog is Great

It’s a good thing we had Black Dog Home Inspections check out our house. Everything seemed to be in pretty good condition, but there were a few minor issues that could have turned into bigger problems down the road. Thanks Gary!

Dave W.

Very Personable and Professional

I work at Carpenter Realtors. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary for an inspection for my buyer client. Gary is very personable and professional. He is very detailed, thorough and patient. He will answer all your questions and give you an honest assessment of any areas of concern. He is a nice guy who will be on time! His inspection report is easy to review and understand. I would recommend Gary Alvey to inspect your home today.

Michael B.

Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Gary was great when doing the home inspection on my house I am in the process of buying.  I feel very confident after having him inspect the house that it is in great condition and will be a wonderful home for my family.  He was on time, very knowledgeable and explained everything I had questions on.  I would recommend him highly.

Kristina S.

Personable and Expert with Great Results

Gary has been a big help with getting my inspections done on time;  he is always professional.

Jacquie M.

Thorough home inspection. Inside and out.

Wonderful!  Gary showed up early to conduct the outdoor inspection which he detailed upon my arrival.  He turned the house upside down finding everything currently and potentially needing attention.  He also made suggestions on how to approach each problem.

Caleb D.
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On time, very professional

Home inspection. Checked roofing, exterior, all the rooms, plumbing, fixtures, electrical outlets & switches. Tested appliances. Went into crawl space. On time, very professional and provided very detailed report. Had to reschedule to get into attic and he was able to do this without charging me extra.

Ellen B.
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Buyers, Sellers, and Realtors are all in good hands when working with Gary!

Gary displays the skill and knowledge all professional home inspectors should have along with a quiet confidence that he will bring issues to light in an easy to understand approach.

John C.
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Thorough and Professional

Gary was very thorough and professional. He used the latest technology to produce a report for us by the evening of the inspection. The report included a large amount of general information about maintaining a home. As a first time homeowner, I appreciate having this information.

Charles H.
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Inspector Had Done “Homework”

Inspected home prior to purchase. Very thorough and uncovered a couple electrical issues. The home we purchased has a very unusual architecture and it was clear the inspector had done some “homework” before he arrived to do the inspection.

Dennis L.
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Final Report in Less Than 24 Hours

Gary was early, performed thorough and detailed report and had final report in less than 24 hours via email.  I received paper copy 2 days later.  Very pleased!

Sandy K.
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Early and Thorough. Detailed Report.

Gary showed up early, and spent several hours completing a thorough exam of the property and provided a detailed report with recommendations for work that needed to be done.
Michael S.
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Great Expertise

Gary was on time, very thorough, and performed with great expertise.

Franklin M.
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Great Job

Gary did a great and thorough job.

Bobby H.
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Personable and Efficient.

He was already there working when we arrived at the appointment time. He was personable and efficient.

Roger and Pam W.
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Showed/Explained all Issues

Gary was there early and had done the outside inspection. He walked us around the outside and showed/explained all issues. Same with the interior. Spent about 4 hrs doing inspection. Received email copy of inspection that night.

Rick M.
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Made it Right

Gary done an inspection on a property for me and I was not 100% happy with the work he done. He refunded my money and made it right. We are all human and he did a stand up thing by standing behind his work. I have no issues with how he runs his business. He done more than what I expected so please know if you use him he will strive to make sure the job is done right and you’re happy!
Tom G.
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Friendly and Courteous

He was friendly and courteous. I would use him again.

in Westfield, IN

Took Lots of Photos

Working with Gary was very pleasant. He worked fast on getting the home inspection scheduled, he was on time for the home inspection, took lots of photos to show me, looked in all the nooks and crannies to find even the smallest things. Took the time to show me the things that were wrong, and how I could fix them if they were small. He didn’t rush at all, made me feel welcome to follow him around and I would definitely hire him again if I ever needed a home inspection done again.

Tharasa D.
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Thanks So Much!!!

We had many inspections on our new home because the listing agency couldn’t get their stuff together to fix things so Gary had to go out multiple times for us and we are so grateful for that. If not for Gary we would have not known things weren’t fixed from the first inspection report or the second report. He had to go out 3 times for us! Thanks so much!!!! We will be recommending him to friends and family if they are in need of inspections.

Terra G.
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Quick Results

Great, thorough, on time and provided results quickly.

Amber E.
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Very Knowledgeable

Gary was not only professional and easy to work with, but very inviting during the process. He did a good job, and was very knowledgeable. I would absolutely recommend Black Dog.
Nate E.
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Really Takes His Time

Gary has executed a few inspections for me. Working with inspectors for the better part of 20 years, viewing hundreds of reports yearly on home inspections throughout Indiana, I have to say, Gary produces an easy to read, well put together report. And really takes his time checking things out, identifying any and all issues. I will always call Gary first. And I would recommend him to anyone seeking the facts about a home, inside and out!

Jeff J.
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Gary is reliable, knowledgeable and I can always count on him to give a good home inspection and educate my buyers.

Jamie B.
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